A Little Hat

If I could leave well-enough alone, this little hat would have been about as close to instant gratification as I am likely to get....a least as far as knitting goes when I am the knitter. But I got worried about size when I was almost finished the first time - pulled it almost all out, wound the wool up and got to work again. The second time, I didn't count carefully enough and the decreases were not working out the way they should have - undone again. But like they say, third time's the charm (that and I was getting a bit fed up with the project). So, if not for all that, it would have taken just a short afternoon to make this little hat for Ysa. As it was it only took one afternoon and an evening. Now there is a hat to match the sweater. Cute to be sure but could anything begin to match the perfection of this face? How I love her.

In the unlikely event that you haven't seen the perfectly beautiful pictures Eden took of Ysa in her sweater and bonnet do go take a look. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

What a doll face.


ec said...

she is a beauty, no doubt.