Cleaning out closets to make room for Thomas and Hannah - the closet in Merin's old room. Her dance bag stuffed full of old tights and bodysuits. My heart breaks all over again. I miss her. Sometimes this is still so hard.


Anonymous said...

My heart breaks for you. I can feel your pain through your words. Sending cyber hugs.
love DeEtte

Anonymous said...

I am thinking and praying for you and your family. The one year anniversary is just about here. There are still no words to express the tragedy of losing Merin & Mike. I don't know if it will ever gets easier, possibly more manageable. The gift of Ysa is truly a gift - you will always see parts of Merin - and it will remind you that you have only lost her for a short time. Please know that you are being thought of daily, especially during this time.

nancy said...

such a heartbreaking thing to do. Hopefully most of those kinds of tasks are behind you now. I am so happy that Thomas, Hannah and the kids will be with you on the 20th. xox thinking of you ylfn

Rebekah said...

Thinking about you today. Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Keep being strong.
I love you!