ewan's nursery

Thomas and Hannah have a knack for creating super-great rooms for their kids. Ewan's nursery is the fourth space they have customized and each room has been cool, unique, creative, and totally 'them'. It's a tough trick to pull off - to put your own stamp on a space like that. If that's not enough, they manage to do it without spending a fortune. Part of that of course, is the diy factor. But their creativity and attention to quality just wrap it all in a practically perfect package. I wish you could stand in the room - it is just so cool. Please pardon the pics. I did my best :) but I really haven't done the room justice.

One wall is painted with black chalkboard paint, the others are perfectly white. Thomas doodled the graffiti-esque street scene and they hung one of Mark's paintings in the middle of the scene. Supa-cool. The dresser (IKEA) previously lived in Theo's nursery where it wore a natural raw wood finish that was perfect for the outdoor/mountain theme. Now just the drawers are painted a fantastic yellow that 'makes' the room. There is a comfy black wool-covered chair in the corner for middle of the night feeds with a wire basket of diaper changing essentials close at hand. Hannah's clever sister Beth embroidered the amazing-cool Northern hemisphere sky chart that records the stars for the month Ewan was born. (That may be my favourite personal touch - I wish I had one for each of my own kids!) Jonathon sent the wooden caterpillar from Vancouver. Hannah made the nifty mobile out of twigs that she collected, painted, and balanced - her own brilliant idea. (If you have never tried to balance a mobile you will not appreciate how tricky and potentially hair-pulling a feat that can be.) Although the mobile is simple it is the perfect touch of colour and movement. The submarine print is an etsy find that suggested the color direction for the room. And finally, Thomas repurposed and retrofitted the light fixture. It was a find from the demo of  a local high school. So clever. And all so cool.


Jannemccue said...

Such a cool room. I love all of the personal touches.

Jannemccue said...

Such a great room. I love all of the personal touches.

Hannah said...

How sweet of you, we always have fun with kids rooms:) Beth will be very flattered as well, her contribution is also my favorite thing in Ewans room.

Jonathon said...

This room is SO COOL. The Sky May 2012?! An awesome graffiti style chalk board wall? A primary coloured twig mobile?! This is all sheer brilliance - which is no surprise. Thomas and Hannah are pretty awesome. And you have done an incredible job of capturing it in this post. Anyone who has ever tried to photograph interiors will tell you it's no easy feet (well, anyone can snap a pic but to get the mood and light and details... not easy).

Thanks so much for this post. I hate missing out on the process but at least I get to stay up to date on this stuff. More and more I am realizing that creativity and design is a major part of our family culture. I have such a cool family!