I had high hopes for something good but .... no pretty pictures today. Just the sad tale of two disappointments. Two! It is not often* that I am really unhappy with the outcome in the kitchen but I must freely confess that I was sadly disappointed today. First I tried this recipe for chocolate muffins - mostly because the recipe made me think of these muffins that I have been making for the last few years and we love! I thought today's effort might be a nice addition to the repertoire but although they are nice enough muffins they don't hold a candle to the banana, chocolate, and pecan muffins. (I am now more than a bit embarrassed by the pic accompanying that post but I stand by the recipe. It remains one of our very favourites.)

The second disappointment was really a failure - not merely a disappointment. Some very promising sounding dark chocolate coconut popovers that resembled rubbery pucks more than anything. NOT what I was expecting. Oh well. Onward and forward. It's not like we haven't eaten ourselves silly in the last week. But don't you hate it when things go sideways like that?!

On the plus side? the coconut hockey pucks are pretty yummy :)

* which is not to imply that everything is amazing by any means!

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