a cure for dirty windows

I really hate washing windows. There is no honest, nice way to say it so there it is. I either like or don't really mind doing most of what is under the umbrella of homemaking. The few chores that I originally disliked doing (toilets anyone? or ironing) I have learned are not so bad if I simply incorporate them into my regular routine - something that I do almost without thinking. Much like I brush my teeth before bed I clean the bathrooms every Friday and wash the bed linens every Monday. If it is part of the routine it gets done. But washing windows has always escaped me. I know how to do it and they sure look good when they are clean and sparkling but, to tell you the truth it isn't enough of a thrill to get me past the inertia and to the doing. At least not often enough.

For the past few months my windows have been reproaching me daily. Two months ago I pinned something that claimed to be a magic solution to window washing. I have tried more than a couple of pins that have not been even close to as amazing as they have advertised themselves to be so I was sceptical but ... today was the day I woke up and knew was window washing day. It had to be done. No more procrastinating. So I opened up the specially saved pin, mixed up the 'magic' solution and about as quick as I could say "abracadabra" my windows were sparkling. It was the most painless window washing I have ever done. I have to admit that the windows are not quite as perfect as they would be if I had squeegeed them but it is pretty close. And I didn't have to stand on a ladder - which may be what I so greatly dislike about the whole ww thing - or use a squeegee. Also, in all fairness to the method, I must disclose (although it pains my pride to do so) that it has been three (3!) whole years since I last washed my windows - it may very well be that if they hadn't been so horrible to start with the results would have been absolutely perfect. As it is I could hardly do anything for the rest of the day for wanting to just stand and gaze at my awesomely-beautifully-clean windows. 

I figure this method is painless enough (and successful enough) to warrant washing the windows several times a season instead of once every three years ;)

The recipe for the wonderful solution is brilliantly simple. In a large bucket mix:
1 Tbsp of Jet Dry (dishwasher rinse agent)
2 Tbsp dishwashing detergent (for hand washing dishes)
8 cups of warm water

The method is equally simple:
With a spray attachment on your garden hose spray your window to rinse off the dust, etc. Then use a mop or sponge to swab the magic cleaning solution over the window. You will want to be careful to go right to the edges of the window. Grab the hose and spray it all off. Done! The rinse agent causes the water to sheet off and dry spot-free.

Of course, you still have to clean the inside of the windows and this method will not help you there - for obvious reasons - but it is the outside that has always buffaloed me.

Now, if I could only figure out how to magically clean venetian blinds I would be a totally happy woman. At least for a minute or two.

The original idea can be found here.


Jonathon said...

I love these types of posts! So smart and so easy.

Thanks mom!

Anonymous said...

I'm so going to do this. One of the windows in the boys room was a recipient of rotten crabapple toss years ago, but I couldn't reach it. And since it's not my room I hardly ever see it. Out of sight, out of mind. Anyway, this should do the trick.

Elizabeth Cranmer said...

That's brilliant! I had mine done professional last year and this would keep them up perfectly and I'm sure the kids would get a hoot out of me mopping our windows!