Short and sweet - this is the very best skin (lotion, moisturizer, conditioner) stuff ever! You have to try it. Seriously. I only use olive oil as a body lotion and it has made a huge difference to how healthy and comfortable my skin looks and feels. A couple of things to note: do use a light olive oil as the the extra virgin varieties tend to make one smell like .... olive oil! (huh?!) I love olive oil but don't necessarily want to smell like it. Also, the light varieties usually cost significantly less than the EVOO does and although I have been known to spend a bit for the care of my 'touchy' skin I don't think a 50.00 bottle of oil will be any more effective than the 10.00 (or less) bottle I have been using.

Olive oil is also pretty effective in soothing eczema. Works wonders on icky cradle cap. Heals cracked heels nicely. Wonder what else I could try it on? .... besides bread and all that.


Eden Lang said...

thanks mom! Its been such a help to Ysa's skin. I wish we had known this little trick for Deacon and Aubs when they were little. Oh well. I am looking forward to seeing how it helps Deacon now with his eczema this winter. thanks for sharing.

Love ya!

Unknown said...

Hi Cheri,
I love your blog and look forward to reading it often. I read all of your posts and they are great. Keep going...this is a much needed avenue for other mothers and women that need some tips from one of the best mothers! Stay strong and know that I have been praying and thinking of you and your whole family often.
Sarah Siska

Anonymous said...

Scout has has eczema since he was a baby, we`re going to try this!