A Little Bit Giddy

About a month ago my old and very valued iMac developed symptoms of a terminal illness. So very sad. And I was very sad because this is not a good time for our family to be buying things like new computers and other such luxuries. But my very wonderful husband agreed that I should have my own computer still and ta da!!!! today the Purolator man brought me this super-cool,amazing, fantastic (I know - way too many superlatives but I mean it!) and much anticipated new iMac. I am so excited. I can't tell you. But I am feeling a bit giddy.


Jan said...

how wonderful!!! lucky you to have such a great hubby and a brand new computer

love from mom

Jonathon said...


You are such a cool, fun, and well deserving mom! I'm glad that you got your new computer and I'm even more glad that you are the kind of mom that gets excited about it and shares it. I can't really express it but you're so... you.

You are the best.

Nancy said...

No wonder you are giddy, that's so exciting. You are going to be way too high tech for me though!!!