Gabby Draws

Gabrielle Letourneau is a young woman of incredible talent and intelligence. She is the rare combination of artistic and creative ability and a really sharp mathematical mind - the whole right brain/left brain thing in balance and really heavy on both sides at that! She is also my niece so I am lucky to have a piece of her work in my home (the chair - a story for another day). I have watched her skill develop as she has grown and I am truly in awe. In an extended family that is pretty loaded with creative ability she really stands out. 

This last Christmas I commissioned  her to do a sketch of the wedding dress that I designed and made for Eden, as my gift to Eden. In the end it was much more than a sketch, it is a beautiful pencil drawing with intricate detail, a special piece of art that both Eden and I love. 

The drawing is large (27x40 inches) and done on vellum. It is cool and fantastic, just like Eden - and Gabby!

This reproduction drawing of the Degas dancers was a birthday gift that Gabby did for Merin's 18th birthday. Merin loved it and hung it on the gallery wall in the living room of the lovely little home she shared with Mike.

Thanks Gabby. 


Eden Lang said...

I agree, she IS AMAZING!!!! I love her work so much!

Jan said...

what a wonderful post, yes Gabby is a very special person and I'm awed by your beautiful tribute to her, you are AMAZING!!!

love you ..mom