A Sweater for Ysa

Back in the olden days when I was a child visiting my grandparents on the farm, my grandma taught me how to knit. Since it was so very long ago, I cannot say for sure if I took to the concept because I thought it was really cool or if I was simply needing something to do, but whatever the case I turned out slippers, scarves and potholders galore for a while. The knitting project paled though as I entered my teens and got lost by the way. From time to time (very infrequently it must be said) I have pulled out the needles and made something. The idea appeals but getting started..... well, hmmmmmm. Yes then.

One of the projects I started when we went on our little time out in Fairmont was a sweater for Ysa. It was something I had picked out before she was born - before we even knew of she was she or he. Life has been quite demanding since her birth and it was a treat to be able to sit and knit and reflect. I must make clear that I am not an expert knitter - there is much I would like to learn - but I do love it. One of the things I like less about knitting is the lesson in delayed gratification. I cannot turn out a sweater or a pair of socks in an evening say. But this little sweater knit up very quickly. I can attest to that because it is finished and went home with Ysa today. 

Late yesterday afternoon it looked like this:

At 9:00 this morning it looked like this:

And at 10:30 this morning it looked like this:

Adorable I think. No. I know! Could be the baby that is really so beautiful but I think the sweater suits her. The yarn is an amazing blend of Italian merino wool, microfibre and cashmere. Heavenly soft. And it is machine washable too, so it is not entirely impractical for an infant. If you could feel it you would have chosen it too. And the color is so perfect with those wide blue eyes. The sweater is a little big (note the stylishly rolled sleeves) but that just extends the wear. Her mom was so excited about it that we made a little bonnet to match out of some fabric that Merin and I had chosen for a quilt that didn't get made. Nice to think that Ysa is using something Merin chose, I made and Eden thought of. 

The bonnet was made from a doll pattern that I enlarged - I need to rework it but it is still adorable. Or maybe it is the baby again! Pretty much sure that's it. Don't you love the love there between mom and babe?

Eden said something about feeling the need for a photo shoot with this outfit. I cannot wait to see her pictures. I love her work!

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Nancy said...

what a special project and there is no denying that Ysa is an adorable baby!! She and Eden look very contented.