A Blank Canvas

The marriage is safe! Not only did we weather the test of three days spent painting together but I am very well-satisfied with the result. (Actually, I love it!) It was a heckuvalotta work though, way more than I naively anticipated. All the windows that let in the beautiful light, the built-in cabinets, the volume in the stairwell and entry....enough challenges to satisfy even the most ambitious amateur painter. Now I have a beautiful - and currently very - blank canvas. What to put where? (and can I really put a hole in those beautiful white walls?!) 

(I promise more pictures of the after but since I am a little vain, only after I finish the finishing touches - which may be a week or two. Life must go on and is totally oblivious to my decorating desires.)


Twyla said...

OH...I am so excited to see it! I can't wait a couple of weeks! May need to make trip to calgary to have a sneak peek. Thanks for the CDs, I really appreciate them! have fun decorating!

Jonathon said...

It's killing me to not be able to see the masterpiece unveiled! But I don't blame you for not wanting to post anything before the details are in place. I would do the same. I'm just glad I got a little taste. I agree with you. It looks awesome!

ec said...

i'm excited for the big reveal!

Nancy said...

Of course you can put a hole in those walls,,,just more nerves required!!! I wish I could sit back and watch you do your creative thing with the finishing touches.Have fun