Blouse to Baby Romper

Last summer I saw a blouse on a clearance rack - size XL... much too big for me but XL so.... lots of pretty fabric. I bought it, brought it home and showed Merin. She loved the fabric and we planned to use the lovely cotton voile to make something fun for her after Ysa was born. As is often the case, I had more ideas than time and so the blouse got bundled up and put in the closet in the sewing room. 

A better idea was born last week when Eden asked me to make a few summer things for Ysa. I thought of that pretty fabric and pulled out the blouse. I had already cut off one of the sleeves and used the fabric in a quilt top. My initial thought was to just use the fabric as yardage but when I got started there was such pretty pleating at the neckline, and sweet little buttons, and the self-fabric belt....well, the wheels started turning. It was so much fun to make this little outfit and even more fun to see how absolutely adorable a cute round baby makes it look.

It looks even cuter when the elastic at the bottom is pulled up around her chubby little legs - kind of like a soft, sweet bubble. Super delicious!


Leanne said...

I followed Eden's Blog to your blog, and I have to say... I am completely addicted (hope you don't mind :-)) This little Romper is adorable. I told my mom, "you're like the Martha Stewart everyone can relate to"... I think I'm done buying her mags, I'll just check your blog!

Cheri said...

Wow! I have to say I am very flattered. Thanks so much and welcome. Nice to know you are here.

Eden Lang said...

mom you really are amazing! we love the romper. she looks so cute in it:)

love ya.

Anonymous said...

Look whose cruising - and of course, modeling the cutest of clothes!


Anonymous said...

I love the last one with the wee tongue sticking out. Beautiful outfit as usual!


Jonathon said...

I have been so stressed out today and it all melted away when I saw that cute, chubby little package in her sweet grandy-couture threads!

Thanks for the post mom!