Before I was a mother I was not aware that I had a fear of heights healthy respect for the possibility of danger around steep drops and precipices, high bridges, and tall buildings. Even after I became a mother I was still blissfully unaware for two whole years. Unaware until the first time I drove over the Lion's Gate Bridge in Vancouver (by myself) with a two-year-old toddler and a six month old baby safely strapped into their car seats. We had recently moved to the area and the fantastic Lion's Gate Bridge was more or less amazing and overwhelming to me. Driving toward the North Shore mountains and seeing the the water of Burrard Inlet far below us I remember feeling a bit dizzy and being aware that although the possibility was extremely remote there was the potential for danger. I am always a little on edge when there is an edge that I can see someone getting a bit too close to. My personal choice is to stay a good safe distance away from that edge. I know that from some perspectives that is just plain Boring and Dumb, but anyone would have to admit it is Safe. And as a mother I pretty much always go for safe - physically and morally. I know - I'm not much fun!

But here's the news! On my last trip to Vancouver I had a personal preview tour of the newest attraction at Capilano Suspension Bridge and I (very) bravely walked the entire thing. (okay, I had to be laughingly shamed into it but I did it!) Jonathon took a few minutes out of his busy work day at The Bridge to show me the sights and it was amazing.

Cliffwalk opens tomorrow to the public and the promo is absolutely right that it is a "heart-stopping cliffside journey". Built into (onto...out of..?) the granite cliff face above the Capilano River as it runs through the park, Cliffwalk is a series of very cool and cooly engineered walkways. It is very high and very narrow and in some spots made of thick glass (and yes, I did walk on it ... very scary! but I am so brave) and totally breathtaking and beautiful.

The salmon are actually concrete sculptures. I thought they were so beautiful - wish I had one or two to swim in my garden.

The views from the 'walk' are incredible and opportunities to be educated about the rainforest abound. I am so glad I gathered my courage. One more reason to love Vancouver!

These two shots are from the official promo material and show Cliffwalk from an angle that I couldn't/wouldn't. That's Jonathon mugging for the camera in the red jacket! Ha!


Jonathon said...

Well, Cliffwalk has launched and the grand opening was wet (in true Vancouver fashion) but amazing. 800 people showed up loved it. I'm so glad you liked it too. It's always fun to share stuff with you!
I love the photos. Nice work mom!

Eden Lang said...

No- way! its even more amazing than I thought I could be!!!! can't wait to see it in person this summer! Jonathon, its amazing!

Cheri said...

Congrats on the successful (in spite of soggy) opening Jonathon. Such a huge project to have been involved in and so incredible. I am proud of you.

Anonymous said...

Amazing project Jonathon! I do admit to not being as brave as your mother....I probably would have had a death grip on you, the walkway...or both!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Words can not discribe these pictures! WOW!! I hope if we ever get back to Vancouver, Jonathon, you'll give us a personal tour!
love DeEtte