Jane Deliciousness

Sorry - I have been trying to resist this but I just really can't don't want to. I have been working on flower girl dresses for Mark and Tiffany's wedding and Jane tried on the prototype for me yesterday. Eden snapped a few shots so that I could show Tiffany what the dress was looking like and both Jane and Eden's eye (even when it was just for an email 'this is what it looks like what do you think?') were so sweet I had to show off.  The dress will be fine but Jane feeling beautiful is what I love. 

Isn't she just delicious?!!


Jonathon said...

she's like that carrot cake with fluffy cream cheese icing.

: )

Anonymous said...


.......or as sweet as those peanut butter cookies her brother was eating! Such a beautiful young lady!


Jamie said...

So cute!!

Hannah said...

Lovely, that describes both Jane, and the dress. What cheri failed to mention, and what impressed me the most, is the pattern for this dress is completely made by cheri, just out of her head!!She is crazy talented!

Melanie said...

Divine! Dress, photo, the moment and of course - Jane.