Beautiful Hannah

The first morning I woke Hannah up I walked into the room where she was sleeping and stopped and just looked. She was as perfect as a doll. Absolutely lovely, with her thick, long, curling hair fanned out on the pillow and thick, long, curly eyelashes fanning her cheeks. 

Some people are initially attractive - their physical beauty can even be quite arresting - but they just don't "wear well" and after a while they don't seem as pretty. Some people are so personally wonderful that their inner glow makes physical attributes redundant. And then there are a few people that are just beautiful inside and out. Hannah falls into the last category.

I feel incredibly blessed that she is my daughter by virtue of her marriage to my son. I love her so much that it feels wrong to refer to her as a daughter-in-law. With total respect to her  wonderful mother, Hannah is my daughter too. I am proud of her for many things and enjoy her always. She is a great comfort and a blessing. A wonderful wife and a sweet mother. A budding sewer. A runner. A good friend. A twin. A hard and willing worker. An avid reader. A clever girl. A generous heart.  A true beauty.

Happy birthday sweet Hannah.


Eden Lang said...

its so true! We love you Hannah:)


Twyla said...

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Anonymous said...


I love your birthday tributes to your family. It is a wonderful gift that you speak so openly and lovingly of all of their attributes.

Happy Birthday Hannah!


Jonathon said...

I couldn't agree more. Hannah is incredible. In fact I was just singing her praises yesterday at the Simpsons - everyone was! She's so great. We're all lucky Thomas snagged her!

Nancy said...

Cheri, what a lovely gift to Hannah! And Jonathon is so right..we were singing her praises. All you Litchfield's in fact and Jonathon made us a most fabulous dinner. It was so sweet of him. xo

Hannah said...

Oh wow,I am soo undeserving of all that :) What a sweet birthday gift, Thankyou cheri, for this, and all you do, I love you too.