Meet the Real Rickety Uncle

I figure it is only right and good to share Nancy's mother's recipe for Rickety Uncle. I thought about adding it as a footnote to the Hacked Rickety Uncle post but that just wasn't right. A recipe as beloved and venerable as Rickety Uncle (not to mention the cool name) deserves a post of its own.

Rickety Uncle
(from Nancy Simpson)

1 1/2 cups brown sugar
1 cup melted butter (or margarine)
4 cups rolled oats
salt - around a teaspoon
vanilla or almond flavouring or both - 1 lid each

Melt butter and add dry ingredients which have been mixed together. Bake at 350. 15-25. Brown and bubbly.

And that is just exactly the way I got it from Nancy, which I am pretty sure is just the way it is written on the card in her file. I love those kind of recipes - the casual assumption cooks used to have that everyone knew how to cook and what the notes they had made would mean. I have a "cookbook' of my grandmother's that is full of recipes that are very similar; some are absolutely cryptic.

Anyway, enjoy Rickety Uncle or the hacked offspring. The relationship is not hard to find. I think it might be the butter and sugar (?!!) but these are super yummy. Like I said - we absolutely inhaled them!

And Nancy - thanks ever so much again.


Kate said...

Yikes!!!! Haven't heard 'a lid full' since the Watkin's man.
It MUST BE an old cherished recipe!!! Thank you to both of you for sharing your recipes.

nancy said...

my Gran and my mom would be astounded at how the sharing of recipes has changed over the years!So fun, but I do love those handwritten, spilled upon cards

Tish said...

This sound yummy! But I have to admit I have never heard of 'rickety uncle' I am at a loss as to what this is exactly .. I assume cookie??
I too have a box full of old cherished recipies that I fall back on!

Anonymous said...

The coffee shop down the way has these and they are similar to a beloved cookie my mother made. Rickety Uncle is sweeter and just richer in taste. I am addicted. The shop people have said that they keep getting comments on the theme of "my gramma used to make these". Old world and wonderful. Nelson BC