the tree

The tree is decorated. We don't have a decorator kind of tree. It doesn't make a design statement or have a theme. It is just filled with tiny little pretty things that hold precious happy memories and somehow it all works and feels just right in my home. I love it.

The little rocking unicorn joined our collection when we lived in Osaka in 1991. It is pretty and delicate - hand blown, one of a kind. When I unwrap it each year I remember five sweet fresh little faces, just the way they were that year. It survived the disaster of the falling tree (at about 3:00 AM one year there was an awful crash - the tree just....fell over. What a mess!!!), magically our little unicorn was unscathed. It is such a Japanese Christmas decoration but we love it more because of that. Why Japanese? A rocking-horse is a reasonably typical Christmas theme but honestly, do you think unicorn and Christmas in the same breath? and then rockers on it? There you go! 

December 3rd is marked by the memories I take out as I decorate the tree.

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