kitchen scale

I am a reasonably recent convert to the concept that a kitchen scale is something every well-equipped kitchen needs. I have had mine for just over a year now and while I initially used it infrequently, I pull it out pretty much every day now. It is just the handiest little thing! All those recipes from the U.K. are now accessible. Baking is much more reliable since measuring flours by weight is simply the most accurate way to go (and if one is doing gluten-free baking and mixing flours - essential!!). And sometimes things just need to be weighed. You know.

To be sure, I am not any kind of a kitchen-scale-expert. I have only ever had the one I currently have. I cannot claim to have any real hands-on experience in using the many models that are on the market but (since my one outstanding talent - according to a dear friend - is shopping. Sad, I know) I carefully compared what I had to choose from and think that this model from Superstore is the clear and easy winner in all categories that mattered to me. It is compact, sleek, easy to clean (a simple quick swipe suffices - no grooves or buttons), and accurate. It easily weighs items in grams, pounds or mls. Zeroes out. Looks cool. All that for less than 25.00!!!!! Most reliable scales start at close to 50.00 and many are more like 100.00, so I was almost sceptical that this scale could/would deliver but once again the President's Choice label at Superstore has a winner. The products available at Superstore are pretty changeable but I happen to know that they still carry this scale - might be your new best friend in the kitchen :)

Superstore and I have no relationship aside from the fact that I shop there. Just so you know.


Eden Lang said...

I am with you on this one mom:) I love mine too and it really is so fun to use.

Twyla said...

love this post! just started using mine that i have had for a while as well;)