for josie

So glad my friend was clever enough to have a baby girl because it gave me a sweet excuse to make these perfect little shoes. The moment I saw them on the Purl bee I was looking for a reason to make a pair or twenty. 

The project journal materials use beautiful wool felt which is hard to source here in Calgary and there wasn't time to order any from any of the online sources I like - the baby shower was imminent. I checked my stash but it yielded nothing even remotely exciting for baby girl shoes. Then I remembered the sweaters I felted last year for making Valentine's Day scarves for Aubrie and Jane. Perfect!!! Just a little more artisanal, a little bit me - something original for beautiful brand-new Josie. Totally fun, fast and easy to whip up I want a pair for myself (working out a pattern for bigger feet and harder wear). 

the Purl bee has tons of great projects and ideas - from sublimely simple to luxe - all attached to a great resource for materials (Purl Soho). Check it out. It's one of my favourite fun reads.


Jonathon said...

awesome little shoes mom! Can you make a big pair in grey for me? These would be wicked slippers. I wonder if there is a way to rubberize the bottom...?

Lisa said...

Jonathon, do you just want to be twinners with Josie? I thought so!!!!! LOVE them Cheri! So does Josie!!!