I have lived in Tokyo, Osaka, Vancouver, and Calgary. I have travelled in Korea, Thailand, China, India, Cambodia, America, and the UK. But until last month I had never been to Mexico - unless one counts a reckless and terrifying drive over the border, through Tijuana, and gratefully back without even rolling down the windows. (And I don't count that - we had been warned....) Mazatlan was entirely wonderful. The weather was perfect and the pace relaxed. I was with some of my very favourite people.

We shared the time with Daylan and Eden and their family. I felt absolutely intimidated (as always) to even carry a camera when Eden is around but it was also a good chance to learn, so I got over myself - or tried to - and aimed at something other than food. Nothing like what Eden shoots but still memories. In my mind the whole experience is drenched in colour - the light, the unabashedly and exuberantly painted buildings, the beautifully warm people, everything. Calgary seemed very taupe when we returned. 

The trip made a new store of memories to take out and savour whenever I wish. I love those treasures - they are sustaining when the days are not quite so bright. Family is not always a simple joy but it always, always worth every effort. For me. When I add up the checks and balances on that ledger, I realize how very rich I am. What a bank account!

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Alex Mac said...

Cheri! The photos you posted are great! Definitely no need to feel too intimidated if those are what you produce. Please share more :)