collecting silver

Long ago a 15 year old me vowed that I would never color my hair. (I was thinking more in terms of covering grey than of simply having fun with color.) I have more or less stuck with that commitment. When the first white hair showed up I succumbed to peer pressure, tried an at-home color - and shocked myself every time I passed a mirror. Was that me?! Deciding that it didn't feel like it was 'me' I embraced my earlier determination to love my natural color, even if that color was grey.

Sometimes when I see a photo of myself taken when I was younger and my hair was still dark, I am surprised by just how dark it was. And I miss that version of me - just for a minute. More salt and pepper than silver yet, I am working on my collection. Like most personal collections, it is a reflection of the bits of my life - some inherited, some chosen, some happened upon - but uniquely mine.

I am comfortable with my silvering hair. I look forward to when it is completely, beautifully so. When I see examples of women - beautiful, confident, amazing, interesting, and silver-haired - I am inspired with a desire to be the same to whatever degree I am able.

The other day I stumbled across this site - portraits of graceful, classy, cool women. Incredible images. Inspiring. Helping me see what silver can be.


ec said...

love this. there is nothing more beautiful than aging with grace. you will do it well!!

Cheri said...

I absolutely agree that aging with grace is inspiring and beautiful. Thanks ec :)