I had absolutely planned to sit down this evening and write a post to share a lemon tart that I have been consumed with this week. I was going to do that but there was a sweet distraction this afternoon and in keeping with the "so fly away cobwebs and dust go to sleep, I'm rocking my baby and babies don't keep" line of thought I have shelved the lemon tart for another day. Some things are simply more important than even delicious lemon tarts.

I was sewing again today - creating a skirt for Eden from a beautiful piece of wool we bought on our trip to Vancouver. Of course, that meant Eden and Ysa were here for the process. Often when I sew Eden sits on the floor of the 'atelier' and we enjoy the time together; collaborating on creative ideas, solving problems of epic proportions (like what to make for dinner or how to referee siblings), discussing issues that are of current interest to us and listening to our favourite tunes. Today Ysa was snuggled on her momma's lap for a sweet minute, relaxed as Eden played idly with her hair. In that quiet moment Eden realized that Ysa's hair was long enough to be braided into a "crown".  

I remember so clearly the day Eden's hair was long enough to braid. She was about Ysa's age and I was shocked that she would sit patiently while I fumbled through learning but she did and I did learn. She loved to wear it braided into a crown. A few years later I had two heads of long hair to take care of in the mornings; I added braiding Merin's long platinum blonde hair every day - it was the only way to keep the silky strands from becoming an impossible tangle. In my mind and in my heart there are so many pictures and memories of braiding their beautiful hair - for ballet classes and exams, for school days and special days, and sometimes just because it felt good to be together getting pretty.

These days I love to braid Aubrie's, Jane's, and Ysa's hair - to see their moms do the same. It is a small link in the generations but every link is precious. We need to be bound together as girls, as women. To make memories together, to know that some things stay the same even as others change.

Ysa is so sweet and soft and round - no longer a baby but only just not, aware enough to feel special and pretty. I found a bag of hairpins that had been Merin's and she chose one for her hair and one for Aubrie's. Eden used my camera to snap some pictures - because this sweet soft roundness will be gone next time we look. I was tempted to post the lot. lol. Wisdom prevailed.

I do love my girls. Every one of them. With an intensity that fills my bones. I am very, very blessed.


Jonathon said...

I love those pictures and this post!

Anonymous said...

It seems likes it's Ysa day. One picture on Eden's post, and two on yours. She's so precious. - And I love the hair braiding imagery - and the bag of Merin's pins. We also have random bags of pins. Of course you do too.


Amber said...

I think of Merin often. Ysa is such a beautiful reminder of her! Thank you for posting these pictures.