I have just returned from seven perfect days in Vancouver. Perfect because I got to spend the entire long weekend with Jonathon all to myself. Perfect because although the forecast was for rain, rain, and more rain, we had mostly dry days with only a bit of drizzle and even some clear sky and sun from time to time. Perfect because I love Vancouver. And perfect because I shared the rest of the week (after the weekend) with Janet. 

Janet and I have been friends our entire lives - since before our memories begin. Janet is in the pictures of my earliest birthday parties, was my constant companion and best friend, my sleepover buddy, my confidante - the Diana to my Anne Shirley. As we grew into our teens I admired her verve and confidence, the way she drew people to her, the fun she always made, her great style, and wished I looked just like her. When we started high school we attended the same school for the first time. Every day during Grade 10 we walked the short distance to her family home for lunch - delicious hot lunches I still think of from time to time. We agonized over the boys we had crushes on, shared dreams and clothes, got our ears pierced, listened to LP vinyl records, and had sleepovers every time we could get parental agreement. Then Janet's family moved, taking her with them. We were sad and promised it wouldn't change a thing but I think we knew it would and of course, it did. That and the inevitable busyness that accompanies the last two years of high school - studies, dating, planning, growing up, figuring out who you are. When David and I were married Janet was my bridesmaid. She married. We had babies - her Bradley and my Jonathon were born 10 days apart. We had loose contact for years and years but as our children have grown and we have matured we have found our way back to a close friendship I think we both treasure.

There is a special and unique quality to a friendship of such longstanding. Janet knows me in a way no other person on earth does and laughs and loves me anyway. She isn't offended that I fall asleep when she is talking to me - she wasn't when we were girls and she teased me when I did it again after a long and fun day of shopping in Gastown. 

It was a wonderful luxury to reconnect with the leisure of several days - to be reminded of how much we have in common and to enjoy all that we don't in one another. What a happy thing our mothers were friends so we could share a long and rich friendship. Best friends then, dear friends for always.

And I have to say ... Janet can still talk all night long. We had So Much Fun!


Jonathon said...

It's interesting - even as a child I knew Janet was a friend that although we didn't see all the time you shared a special closeness with and I've always felt closer to her because of it. Those rare lifelong friendships really are in a category of their own - such a blessing and a luxury.

PS My week was perfect with you here too!

janetina said...

Cheri I have relived and savoured each moment we spent in Vancouver. I am packing some of the new clothes we bought for my trip to Atlanta (uuggg!) The same things that connected us as children live on in our love of beautiful things, fabric, clothes, dishes, and of course our children and the gospel. If I had a blog you would know that I pulled out all of my white dishes and redid my kitchen display so I could be just like you! I love you! Let's do it again!

janetina said...

oh and Jonathan... I loved seeing you, seeing your work, your yoga, your camo pants and just enjoying your company. Thanks for sharing Vancouver with me! and thanks for sharing your mother! She is amazing!!

Cheri said...

janetina - in a minute! Where to next? Enjoy Atlanta.

Eden Lang said...

so glade you had such a fun visit and such a great life time friend. those aren't that easy to come by!