Tomorrow my little sister is getting married. The little sister I shared a room with and read bedtime stories to and did ponytails in her hair. The sister who would come over to our (David's and my) house and play with my little kids and lay on the sofa while we each read our own book on hot summer afternoons and I still braided her hair. The sister I sewed with and talked to and shopped with and cooked with and worried about and loved. Still love. We are very different in many ways but sisters for sure. 

Today marks the 5 year anniversary of Merin and Mike's wedding. Shan's wedding is also a garden affair - just like Merin's was. That, the timing (to say nothing of the fact that I am of course, sewing - again at the last minute!) and my being the person in charge of making things beautiful for the wedding tomorrow means that Merin is at the front of my mind. The memories are so sweet and I welcome them. The memory I have of her laughing, happy face July 19, 2008 just makes me happy. Of course I wish I could see her beautiful face in reality but I am honestly at peace and grateful for every single moment that I did.

I look at this picture of Mike and Merin and remember their happiness that day - and hope for the same love to fill my sister's life.

Time is precious, love is more so. I want my actions as well as my thoughts to express my commitment to that truth. Here's to a beautiful day!


Jonathon said...

I love this post! I have looked at it and reread it several times. The selfless and unlimited love you put into making things more special, more beautiful, more memorable,or more comfortable for the people you love is such a unique and defining characteristic of you. While I cherish the memory of the looks of pure happiness and love on the faces of each of my siblings on their wedding days, the memories of you carefully and patiently planning and preparing every detail for them brings me as much joy. I know that I am not alone.

We are so lucky to have your endless love and talents to make our special days and every days better, prettier, healthier, fuller, warmer, happier, and richer.

(I wish I could have been there to see it all for Shan's turn!)

Cheri said...

And I am so very blessed to have someone who sees me in such a generous and loving light. Thank you so much for your comment Jonathon - it means the world to me even as it humbles me. I do love you forever and always. xo ....mom

Tristan B. said...

So sweet and I love this shot!