october four

Today is Merin's birthday. It is not a sad day. Today I remember her birth and the overwhelming gratitude I felt for her life the night she was born, the gratitude that has grown since that night. I think of moments and days in her life and feel so much warmth and joy. I remember her beautiful smile, her sweet and generous nature, how she was sometimes too hard on herself but so forgiving toward others. I remember her  temper and passion, how she worked (consciously) to harness both and how she so sweetly apologized when temper slipped the reins and she "freaked out" about something. Her life was short but full - she could have done much more had she a longer time here but she did everything she wanted to do. Her passport was full of stamps from countries around the globe. She earned a BA Honours degree, she danced, she taught, she loved, she married, she was a mother. She was not perfect - no one is and I don't want to make her into what she was not - but she was wonderfully sweet and perfectly Merin. She was a ray of sunshine from top to bottom, inside and out. 

Happy birthday sweet Mer! Today I celebrate your life :)


Amber Joy said...

Sweet words Happy day to you as you celebrate Merin.

Alex Mac said...

Cheri, I would have to completely agree with you when you said she was a ray of sunshine from top to bottom. I remember her laughter SO clearly. It would usually be at something crazy Natasha said... she would get us both going and then we both wouldn't be able stop!
You have written such a beautiful post and I just wanted to add a large birthday cheer from here in Toronto.

ec said...

what beautiful words. glad it was a happy day.

Cheri said...

Alex - Jonathon gave me a wonderful gift on Merin's birthday. He sent a clip he found on his phone that was taken on the eve of her 22 birthday. The best part was hearing her laughter. It was so amazing. Thanks for sharing her thoughts and those memories.