For Katie

A year ago I was asked to teach a class on 'De-Cluttering'. De-cluttering your life, your home, your head. Almost the moment I was asked I thought of five statements that define how I approach organizing just about anything. The next thought was 'okay, that should take about 5 minutes of the 50 that I have been asked to use' and I have nothing more to add. I guess I de-clutter my head a bit too well - or maybe it is just empty minimally decorated. Anyway, I asked Jonathon to do a bit of graphic design for me and he came up with these amazing designs for my favorite quotes - which made me look good and like I had enough credibility to be listened to for 50 minutes. I love the designs so much that I have kept them and rotate which one I display.

I had them printed on cheap, plain, white paper (because I planned to recycle them after the class) at a local shop that prints flyers, signs, blueprints and stuff. It cost about 5.00/print for a 24" x 36" size.

When I was staging Merin's house for sale, there was a blank wall in the kitchen that wanted something on it and I used the quotes/statements again. This time I simply printed them on cardstock (at home), put them in Ribba frames from Ikea, and hung them in a row of three. The young family that bought the house liked them enough to request that we leave them.

A few weeks ago my sweet friend Katie asked for the files so that she could have some of the quotes printed as well. Here they are in jpeg. format Katie. If you - or anyone else - wants them in a pdf. file let me know and I can email them to you. ( Sadly, one can't post pdf. s on blogger)

I think my personal favorite is the the last one by William Morris.

Photos are by edenlangpictures. 

Graphic design by Jonathon Litchfield. 

Do I not have extremely talented offspring?!! And so good to me too. Thanks guys - love you.


Unknown said...

Thank you Cheri! I can't wait to display these in my new home - and to have actually have a new home to display them! I hope you don't mind if I link my blog post today to this post so that everyone can see just how truly talents not only your children, but you are! Thank you again for posting these. Oh, and I'd love to have them in a pdf as well if you wouldn't mind sending them to my email. Thank you!

Cheri said...

Thanks Katie - of course you can, and for sure I will :) Congratulations on the sale and good luck with the hunt. Houses are a lot of fun.

Elizabeth Cranmer said...


I'm Elizabeth Cranmer, formerly a Muirhead. I have followed your blog for awhile now ( infact I'm makinf your Quinoa yam soup this week!) and Eden's as well. what a talent!

I was wondering if I could get the PDF for these as well. I am in the process of trying to reduce my life to these principles and would love some beautiful reminders of just that. These would help!

Thank you!


Angela said...

Hi Cheri!

I've been following your blog as well.....hope you don't mind. I think about you and your family often and have such great memories of the time I spent in your home. You are such a talented woman and I've always admired you.

I would love to get the PDF files for the quotes, if you are willing to share. They are really beautiful.

Thank you so much,



Cheri said...

Elizabeth and Angela,
So happy to send them to you. I love these and hope you enjoy their message and simple beauty in your homes too. Thanks for reading!