jet lag.tokyo

7:00 pm - I feel more affinity for an overtired toddler than I ever previously thought to. An overwrought melt-down feels like a real possibility if I don't find a bed and sweet sleep.

10:00 pm - finally! Bed time. Hallelujah. Sleep is immediate and so simple. Bliss....

2:00 am - gahhhhhhhh!!!!! Eyes wide and stubbornly open. My mind is so busy that I can't hold a thought long enough to complete it. I want to sleep but it evades me completely. How can it have been so simple four short hours ago?

I know this drill. I know that it just takes time for my body to catch up, that I simply must be patient. But I guess I am more like a two year old than I would like to think. Sadly, I am only like the less adorable parts of a two year old :) - trust me on that, I know a couple of seriously adorable two year olds very well.

Jet lag aside I am so happy to back in Tokyo. To ride the subways and walk the streets of my favourite neighbourhoods. Yesterday: Amayoko market in Ueno. Kappabashi. The temple compounds of Asakusa. Walking from one to the other, stopping for the best food in the tiniest, little corners, finding treasures in other tiny corners. People-watching on the train. I am surprised to find Merin is very much in my thoughts here. I miss her like crazy - not sadly but intensely. So many memories of her here.

During the sleeplessness of my night I wondered how time travel (were it a reality) would affect our circadian rhythms, considering how I can't keep up with hopping across the globe faster than my body would like. Never mind, I love being in Tokyo. Jet lag and all.

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