Toothpaste is good for:

a. ridding one's hands of the ever so alluring (and enduring) smell of chopped onions and garlic.
b. cleaning teeth
c. causing canker sores
d. brightening bling!
e. all of the above

The correct answer is 'e' because:
 a. You can indeed have fresh smelling hands after a stint at the cutting board by washing up with your garden variety toothpaste. (Good to know,  I really hate rushing off to some commitment or other and realizing that my hands smell quite definitely onion-ish.)
b. And of course, your pearly whites look a lot better after the same treatment. Just remember to floss!!
c. If you have a sensitivity to sodium laurel sulfate - the sudsing agent in most toothpastes - the unfortunate result is very often a mouthful of canker sores. Look for a brand that doesn't list SLS as an ingredient and you will likely be a lot more comfortable,  and  your teeth will be just as clean.
d. When all your diamonds are looking a little lacklustre, a tiny dab of toothpaste on a soft toothbrush applied with a gentle hand will brighten them right up. (I don't know what a jeweller would say about this one but I have done it for a pretty long time and whenever I get my ring checked nobody tsk tsks)

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Eden Lang said...

I didn't know it would kill the stench of an onion! that is SO good to know!

thanks mom.

have fun in vancouver this week!!! wish I was coming too.