Princess Dresses and Making Messes

Mid-mess. I am so happy in my lint and threads. Aubrie wants a princess dress (well, that may not be strictly true in that she hasn't requested a princess dress but she loves playing dress-up and loves princesses so...). At any rate, I am mid-making. And I am having a lot of fun. The sewing room is a mess. I am using a bit of cotton velvet but it looks like I have shredded at least a meter of the stuff to judge by the lint. lol. And sparkly, sequinned netting. And the buttons - oh my! It will be beautiful. I can't wait! Christmas making is so much FUN!!!


Jonathon said...

I don't think your grandkids have any clue how good they have it.
None of us do, actually!

Eden Lang said...

I am SO excited for Christmas morning when Jane and Aubs open their princess dresses! thanks mom. your the best!

Monty Mehra said...

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