Home Again

I really hate moving - as in moving house. We have done it many times, to new neighbourhoods, new cities and even new continents. I dread the work involved and the inevitable adjustments but there are some great advantages - new friends being top of the list of course. And then there is the wonderful feeling of 'home' in more than one place. I love returning to Japan for a visit - the smells, the tastes, the sights are all so comfortable and welcome. Then Vancouver - another home, with different comforts and attractions. I just returned to Calgary (currently home) after spending almost two fabulous (rainy) weeks there. I love Vancouver, rain or shine, and feel fortunate to have lived there and to have reason to return often. What do I like so much? Well, I love.....

and a very, very yummy baby with carrots on his face!

To paraphrase the famous Julie Andrews song - "these are a few of my favorite things". It is by no means an exhaustive list - I don't think you really want to know about all the people and places. It is very good to be home again but I am already looking forward to the next trip 'home' to Vancouver, to the people and places I love.


Anonymous said...


Beautiful pictures, especially the last one!!!!


Cheri said...

Well, really it is the place that is beautiful but thank you, Thelma. I won't dispute the cuteness of the baby though!

Anonymous said...

Yummy indeed!! What a cutie! Well worth the trip!
Thanks also for the memories of Vancouver!