Blogger has triumphed and I have had what was stolen restored. I am so happy, happy, happy. I would never have anticipated such a sense of loss if I had ever imagined that my blog could/would be stolen. I was ridiculously sad. It is after all, only my ramblings. But they are my thoughts and what is more personally ours than our thoughts, after all?

On another note, did you know that tulips are the only cut flower that continues to grow after it has been cut? These pictures were taken only a day apart - by the end of the week the stems had grown another six inches. Once you know that the flowers continue to grow it is fun to really observe the growth. Isn't the world wonderful?


Anonymous said...


What happened with your blog???? Is everything okay?


Sonja said...

I'm so happy it's back!!!

Anna said...

So glad your blog is safe & sound!! And yes, nature is quite remarkable!

Cheri said...

Thelma, It was hacked and stolen - who knew anyone would even want to do that? My question is why? But it is resolved now and so I am very happy.

Anonymous said...

I missed it-so glad it is back where it belongs.

Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear that, but I'm glad everything is good now and welcome back! I did notice your blog kind of disappeared for a bit.

Happy Mother's Day, and please pass this on to all the mothers in your family!


Jill said...

Aunt Cheri, I love your blog! I haven't blog hopped in ages and so glad to see that yours is not lost. I am spellbound with all of your incredibly interesting fun posts. No, I did not know that tulips grew after they were cut!?!?!?! Wow! Thank you! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks:)

Jonathon said...

I'm not the only one that would have missed your blog, I'm sure but I may have missed it the most! It's so nice to have a dose of 'mom' whenever I need it. I just pull up your blog. It would be horrible to be without. So glad it's back... so I can learn about tulips, among other things.

: )