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You know the day dreams of what you would do if you could do whatever you wanted to do - and then what if that wonderful occupation was more than just play? Some of my personal day dreams have included owning a book store, a fabric store, designing and sewing wedding dresses, doing interior design (for pay!), a gardening service... and those are only the more recent dreams. Just yesterday I met a man who is living his dream. He has recently opened a fabulous new eatery in Henderson, Nevada. We ate lunch there yesterday and went back this morning for brunch. The vibe is pretty cool and the food is fantastic. 

Chris always knew he wanted to be a chef. When he was in culinary school he would take the train to NYC at the weekends, camp outside the door of a selected restaurant so he could meet his chosen chef and then when the chef came out Chris would offer to work for free for the weekend, just for the experience. From there (and with the contacts he made there) he trained in Europe and eventually ended up as the head pastry chef at Bouchon in The Venetian (Las Vegas). That was a great gig but his dream was bigger than that and Bread & Butter is where he wants to be - his own place, his own brand, his own dream.

We sampled a warm pretzel bread with honey butter and grainy mustard while we waited for our purple cauliflower and smoked pork soup. (Both excellent.) The kale salad we shared was so good we have scarcely stopped talking about it, and the monster-sized chocolate cookies define delicious. That was yesterday. The sourdough waffles we had for brunch this morning were a tough rival for the nutella-topped banana-nut mini cake we had to start. Everything - everything - in the shop begs tasting, from the collection of gourmet root beers to the granola and baguettes. And your kids can draw on the chalkboard-painted garbage bin or sidewalk out front so the experience is a good one for all involved. Chris is inviting everyone.

I know that a lot of blood, sweat, and (most likely) tears have gone into this little shop - I hope his dream is as successful as it deserves to be. It is all So Very Fun!

Bread & Butter, 10940 South Eastern Avenue, Suite 107, Henderson, Nevada

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Eden Lang said...

this place looks amazing! and such an inspiring story as well. I hope his shop exceeds his dreams!