painted toenails

I must confess that I have sadly neglected an area of personal grooming this past year that was previously rarely overlooked and always enjoyed. Toenails. Not the entire pedicure thing - just the painting of the toenails. Even when I finally booked a real pedicure I couldn't commit to a color and finally told the girl to just use a base coat and leave it at that. Since I have always looked forward to summer and bare toes with a bright polish on the nails, it was a bit...strange, this attitude of mine. Perhaps it is just the association - Merin was always my toenail technician. She insisted on being the one to paint both my nails and Eden's every summer. In fact, until last night (and other than the occasional professional excursion) I can't remember when anyone else has been the painter. Even when she was hugely pregnant just before Ysa was born, there she was, legs straddled on the floor, leaning over her belly, carefully painting my toenails - at her insistence! But I think I have broken the barrier. I am over the hump. And I have the cute, fun, toenails to prove it. 

Yesterday afternoon I was shopping with my adorable niece and fun sister-in-law (in Las Vegas - and yes I am having a ton of fun!) We stopped into Sephora and our attention was caught by some pretty cool nail polish. We read the product info, got ourselves all girly-excited, and made the purchase. After homework and that other necessary nasty stuff we got down to the real business of the night. What fun we had! This nail polish has iron bits in it that respond to a magnet on the end of the cap to make cool patterns on your nails. (See my left big toe) The fun part is the surprise - you have no control over what you end up with. All three of us sported different looks. But we feel cool. Especially after we googled the product and found out that it was only released six days ago and Katy Perry (ya - I almost took it off right away. lol) uses it too. What geeks we are!

Whatever - I can hardly stop admiring my toes this morning. It feels so good. Thank goodness for a 17 year-old, cool, sweet niece. Thanks Robyn.

In the event that anyone is curious about the polish - it is Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish and the color is "trafalgar square".

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Eden Lang said...

so fun! I have to admit I am feeling a little green with envy over this! wish so badly I was there with you with painted toes too! your toes look sooo cute:)