just.....wow. and amen

Please watch this. It really, truly, honestly resonated so strongly with me. 


"Food is one part. Love is another part." What can I do today to see and ease the suffering of those around me? for it is there. Here. Not just in India or Afghanistan. Perhaps a different suffering but real and there must be a part for me. I feel so humbled and inspired. Do watch.


Eden Lang said...

what a truly inspiring person! To me that is true charity. thanks for posting this mom.

Jonathon said...

That's really cool. I love that idea that the purpose of life is giving. i think it's so true. What an incredible message and legacy.

Thanks for sharing mom!

Anonymous said...


Wow! I have worked for the food bank for approx. 10 years, yet there we do not see the level of poverty that was in this film. I'm with Jonathon....there has to be a higher purpose in life than just existing in our own little bubble....that purpose is giving.


janetina said...

Thanks! I am using this for part of our Christmas! The attitude of giving is so important.