Excitement is a HUGE part of the Christmas fun. When I was a child I would be so excited that I really could not sleep on Christmas Eve. I must admit that my extreme excitement was entirely selfish - the anticipation for what was in the packages under the tree and what Santa might have included in his sleigh for me.....well, it was just too much for my self-centered little self. Happily, I can honestly say that although I still find Christmas full of excitement it has been many years since that was motivated by what I might be receiving and is completely focused on my hope of the gifts I give conveying the love I feel.

Today I am very excited because the second issue of KINFOLK magazine is available. And Eden is one of the contributors!!!! I am so proud of her. Really. You cannot imagine how thrilled I am. I think it is even better (way better in fact) than if I had been the one involved in the publication. Another one of the perks of being the mom of a wonderfully talented and wonderfully wonderful woman.

If you have an iPad (and a moment) you can check it out online. Otherwise you can order a hard copy and patiently wait.

Another day closer to Christmas! and December 12 is counted.

(As is December 9, 10, and 11. The weekend passed in a flurry of snow, shopping, church, music, and wrapping - great Christmas-y things all! )

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Jonathon said...

i just bought this on Friday and it is a really amazing publication. Beautiful art direction, nice thick paper (which is so rare), and most of all impressive content. I think it's so cool that Eden was approached by the editors to contribute because it is VERY VERY well done. I love magazines and this is undoubtedly one of the best. Great job Eden and congratulations! And nice work mom - another example of the fruits of your labours!