sunday evening reflections

On Sunday evening I feel so .... full. I love the way the family flows together. The way each little family  blends and the lines between blur. The way that Thomas naturally holds his brother's baby son during the meal because Tiff is here on her own with two babies while Mark is finishing an end-of-term art project. Big(er) cousins holding baby cousins and learning more about the responsibility of being a helper and a role model - a "big sister" or "brother". I love working, together with my daughters, in the kitchen - equals and friends, easy. David with all the little ones vying for space in his arms. Eden's love and laughter. Hannah's warmth and beautifully round baby-belly. Tiffany's sweet soft smile. Deacon learning to play chess. All of it so very precious. Another day to hold in my heart. Forever.

Thanks Eden for grabbing my camera and recording these moments.

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Anonymous said...

These pictures just make me smile. What a wonderful family you are. Love, Roz