another reason to drink water

I read something the other day that I found very interesting. Very simply, our taste preferences are heavily influenced by exposure (of course, we all know this) to particular foods and apparently we have a tendency to eat healthier foods when we drink water! This conclusion after two separate studies - one with young children and vegetable consumption, the other with adults pairing food and drink. The older group tended to go for a combination of soda and salty, calorie-dense foods over vegetables while the little ones ate more raw veggies when the meal was accompanied by water over a sugary beverage.

"If the drink on the table sets the odds against both adults and children eating their vegetables, then perhaps it is time to change that drink, and replace it with water," the researchers concluded.

Duh! I mean, amen. We are very fortunate to have access to clean drinking water. We should drink it. I am always a bit shocked when people ask me what I drink. Water of course! It is the obvious choice over juices, sodas, and other sugar-filled junk. I hope that is not obnoxious and self-righteous sounding but it is my stand. Nice to have some more research to back me up.



That is awesome research! I am so glad that porter loves water. I never give him juice and he doesn't like milk very much so he is a pretty good eater. Now I know they are coordinate! Awesome!

Drink more water also helps weight loss, and if it helps you eat healthier is just helps that even more.

Cheri said...

Awesome indeed! I love it when research on one aspect of something dovetails neatly with another.

ec said...

we always drank water growing up & quite honestly, i thought that it was what everybody did. i have since learned otherwise. it's crazy how much sugar/many calories people drink. seems like a waste to me ... i'd rather eat rhubarb galette!

Cheri said...

ec - I totally agree!! I would much rather eat rhubarb galette. And I often find myself perplexed when I consider the issues weight and diabetes that are so prevalent and then think about the constant consumption of useless, unhealthy calories via beverages. Water is simply so good. I am glad that I grew up drinking water.

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