a dress for Frances

This is the wedding dress - the one I was busy making early this month. The one I didn't take any pictures of. The one that Eden did. 

Frances knew she wanted a dress that was all lace. So we embraced that and made her a dress out of the most gorgeous, rich lace - one with a lovely hand and soft sheen. Draped and softly gathered, with pretty little details like the 'diamond' button followed by a row of silk-covered buttons, the dress is romantic and pretty with a nod to wedding dresses of another era. Making the soft, cathedral-length veil was a last-minute decision but it was a very good one and lots of fun, both to make and (apparently) to wear - Frances ended up keeping it on all day. Her mother's string of pearls added another layer of soft glow and kept that memory close. 

Soft, pretty, glowing -  Frances. 

photos courtesy of Eden Lang Pictures. Thanks Eden!!! 

p.s. if you want to see some incredible photos of the beautiful bride in the other dress I had a hand in (alterations only - lol) check out Eden's most recent post


Anonymous said...

You are amazingly talented Cheri, and best to the bride and groom. The beauty and perfection of the dress should be a template for their life together.


shelly said...

Such a beautiful bride, dress and seamstress. Love you all.