Last night I had a private birthday celebration. Just me and memories of Merin. It was not at all maudlin, just private. She would have been 25 on Thursday. 

I didn't start out to have the private party. I simply wanted to watch a movie. I sat down, opened Netflix, started the search for a pleasant two-hour distraction, and saw "Center Stage" on the list. Eden and Merin watched that movie more times than I would like to count; I sat in on a few of the viewings. Watching, I was flooded with memories - of ballet movie nights and, of course, of Merin dancing. Those memories are precious and sweet.

I loved watching Merin dance - she was beautiful. Technically yes, but more, she shone. Last night I was thinking about that and I wondered if perhaps part of the reason she was such a joy to watch was because she found so much joy in dancing. When she was 15 she wrote in her journal that one of the reasons she loved to dance was because she felt close to God when she was dancing. She felt her ability to dance was a gift from her Father in Heaven and that when she danced it glorified him. 

Merin was one of my special gifts from God. I was grateful for her life the night she was born and I am multiple times more now. Happy 25 sweetie. I loved the party.

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Jonathon said...

I had a similar party the other night as well. It was really nice. It's interesting how the things that Merin loved continue to bring so much joy to me now. I'm glad I can fell close to her and enjoy her through ballet and colours and smells that are all so "Merin" - even clothes I see in stores sometimes!

Glad you enjoyed your party. I did too.