Ysa is so much her father's daughter in looks that it was fun to catch this resemblance. Merin is a year older in this photo than Ysa is now but ..... those eyes.

photo credit: Merin - unknown. (this was the lighting check from a modelling job in Japan)
                         Ysa - Aubrie Lang. And yes, this photographer is 6! A talent to watch for.


urinalsoftheworld said...

Such a precious picture of Merin. Ysa is getting big!

Cheri said...

That picture of Merin is one of my all-time favourites :) Kind of goofy but so precious.

Eden Lang said...

I can't get over that Aubrie took that picture! I love it so much and will have to have it printed!!! Such pretty little girls:) what fun!


Jamie said...

Wow! Both such cuties!!! Love the eyes.