livin' the life

Long silence I know but I have been swanning around Rocky Mountain ski resorts with handsome men and adorable children. I offer no other explanation. I figure that says it all. Little ones bundled up, rosy cheeked and shiny eyed as they learn to navigate the slopes absolutely break my heart. Top that with a two year old crowing with delight "the mountain wake up!!!" as the sun crested - life just doesn't get much better.

After we finished with that indulgence we were off to Vancouver to catch a glimpse of our eldest son and hit many - but alas not all - of my favorite spots (while David drudged away in meetings and work). 

Both weeks were full of loved ones, an abundance of good food, doing more or less just what we wanted to, and fun. Really truly livin' the life.


Anonymous said...

Great pics. Welcome back. Been missing your updates and you.



It does sound truly Blissful!

Eden Lang said...

it really was so fun:) But- can I just say that picture of Dad is beyond cute! Honestly I adore him as much as you do my little ones:) He is such an amazing Bapa and Dad! We are all lucky to have him.

Darren said...

nothing better.

ec said...

that darren comment was from me;)