a little almond chocolate mug cake

aka (almost) immediate gratification

At the end of the day, sometimes we take ourselves downstairs to the sofa in front of the tv and enjoy watching a movie. It isn't a daily event just a sometimes event. Most of those sometimes we take a cup of something hot to drink and enjoy that but other times we just need something else. We had that need the other night but having just returned from our trip there was nothing else to be had. But needs cannot be ignored (thank goodness!) and I remembered that I had been wanting to try a recipe that I 'pinned' ages ago. My memory of the recipe was that it was pretty immediate gratification for the kind of need we had and it turns out that my memory was right. Sadly although I was right on that score, the cupboard was bare of a few key ingredients. I was not to be deterred by such small obstacles though - a need is a need after all - and determining that a few substitutions could likely be successful, I carried on to happy (almost instant) gratification. 

There are recipes galore for 'mug cakes', the one on which I based my foray would (I am sure) have been delicious. One thing I know is that it was generous - the recipe for one would have been plenty for both David and I. What I suggest here is to share that amount between two mugs so each person gets their own mug cake, but if you are really hungry or have a huge need go for the gusto and have it all in one mug - it will fit but only just :) Part of the fun of this recipe is making one tiny little cake all for yourself ... in a little minute of time.

The changes I made were based on necessity - because I didn't have any Nutella in the cupboard and because I wanted to use what seem to me to be better choices for a few of the ingredients. Whatever the case the end result was excitingly good and immediate. In the excitement of needing I forgot that we were trying to do without the microwave but when I made the cakes again today I did half (or one mug) in the oven and the other in the microwave just to see how it would work. I am pleased to report that either option produces a very good result and the oven is still remarkably immediate. The choice is yours.

a little almond chocolate mug cake
( adapted from this little street)

3 Tbsp almond butter
3 Tbsp coconut palm sugar
3 Tbsp coconut oil
1 egg
3 Tbsp coconut milk
3 Tbsp cocoa powder (not Dutch process)
4 Tbsp flour**
a healthy pinch* of baking powder, and baking soda
pinch of sea salt
two chunks of good quality dark chocolate

Put all the ingredients (except the chocolate chunks) together in a small bowl and stir to combine. Divide equally between two mugs and add a chunk of chocolate to each mug. We wanted lovely, chocolatey gooinessmore like lava cake than a cupcake; if that sounds good to you as well cook your little cakes for exactly 1 minute 10 seconds in a microwave oven or for about 10 minutes at 350 degrees F in an oven. Let cool for about as long as it takes to scoop some ice cream  or pour a bit of cream onto the top and dig in. 

Simple, speedy, and absolutely fills the need.

*about 1/16 tsp
**I used my gluten-free flour mix for one trial, regular all-purpose flour for the other with equal success.

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Jonathon said...

Dad raved about this when he was visiting earlier this week!

Can't wait to try it.