Comfort....and Joy

Christmas Eve 2010. As I say my bedtime prayers I ask for a blessing of comfort and immediately there flashes into my mind an image of our family - my children, my husband, my grandchildren. Each of us carrying a canning jar containing a lighted tea-light as we walk single file through the dusky cemetery toward the grave of Mike and Merin to remember them this first Christmas. Suddenly I know that Heavenly Father is aware and that these people I love so much are the comfort I need. It isn't the answer I expected or sought but it is a beautiful answer.

Sunday morning when Jonathon and I gather the candles and jars, the two candles in the beautiful glass box Thomas bought for the 'remembering' are still burning. For some reason, this delights me.


Flora said...

So tender. Thanks for sharing. Love you.

ec said...

what a great idea! i love feeling the Lord's love in the simplest, most unexpected ways .. it's then that i know just how much He knows & loves me.