I'm tired. I sleep and I dream. Every, every time I sleep, I dream. Vivid dreams that leave me tired still. Not necessarily bad dreams but often uncomfortable. Never about death. Always about Merin. Awake, I think that I will be relieved when the dreams stop. But then I wonder.....will I miss them?


Anonymous said...

I believe that dreams of our loved ones that have gone before us are God's loving gift so that we can begin to heal and to know with a surety that they are in God's loving care. The dreams will eventually stop, but the memories of them remain vivid in my mind and they ultimately bring me comfort.... 12 years later. This is my wish for you -that even though they are exhausting, they will comfort you now and the good memories of them and Merin will remain.

Eden Lang said...

mom, i love this picture. truly love the feeling of it. I miss her so much. this was such a fun trip. so happy we have the memory of it.

love you.