kokeshi nativity

When I was a child I was fascinated with the tiny figures of Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus. Really, what child does not want to play with such adorable dolls? Factor in the wonderful story and they become absolutely irresistible - at least they were to me. When I became the person in charge of Christmas whatnots I therefore determined that any nativity figures in our home would be able to withstand touching and as much as possible be totally play-worthy - it hurt my heart to look and not touch the delicate figures.

These beautiful Japanese kokeshi dolls fill the requirement. I must admit that I don't really encourage play with them but I do allow touching. When we left Tokyo in 2007 one of my dearest friends knew that I had fallen in love with this set and sent them to me as a gift the first Christmas we were back in Canada.  I love them - special on several levels. Satin-smooth to touch, traditionally made, reminiscent of much that I love about Japan, a token of friendship - these special tiny figures.

One more day marked off the calendar.

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Jonathon said...

Of all the Nativities that you own, this is my favorite. I never really realized how much I love the texture but as you point out, it's very Japanese.

Thanks for posting!