I feel elegant and cool and lucky and loved. Totally spoiled and happy about that for sure. I am up to my ears in new love. Real, total, forever love.

I knew I was a goner as soon as I clapped eyes in these babies. So totally what I love - a cool twist on a classic. Rough black diamond studs. Handmade. Gorgeous.

I think I will never take these off. 

Unless I was to get their white diamond twins

earrings made by Alexis Russell - LexLuxe

Thanks Jonathon and Eden!


Eden Lang said...

aw- soo so happy you love them!

Anonymous said...

I think they are so cool and uniquely beautiful. Perfect for you!

Love you lots.

ec said...


Cheri said...

ec - they are SOOOOO gorgeous. If only I had a macro lens.... Well, then you could really see how beautiful and cool they are :)

Amber Joy said...

After seeing these, I put in a request for my anniversary. My husband obliged, and I am now a proud owner of my very own rough black diamond studs. Too beautiful! Thanks for the tip.

Cheri said...

Amber - lucky you!!! Truthfully, I haven't removed mine since I first put them on. You'll love them forever.