a warm bed and a delicious breakfast

At the end of the day there is little that sounds more inviting to me than Bed, at the beginning of the day Breakfast is about the most compelling invitation that can be extended. Where to sleep and eat when one cannot do so in one's own home? I see the appeal of the Five Star hotel but frankly find them more intimidating than welcoming and when I am tired and/or hungry welcome is exactly what I am after.

My brother and his wife have opened the doors of their home as they have welcomed folk to Canterbury Bed and Breakfast here in Calgary. There is always fresh baking and the best warm spirit on offer. I cannot think of anywhere more welcoming than there. Just the place to end a good day and begin the next. They have recently listed the accommodation here. Close to Fish Creek Park with walking paths and wonderful natural beauty, in a quiet neighborhood, it is a lovely place to spend a night or two. (or as many as suits your fancy)

If you are thinking of a trip to this corner of the world....


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Jonathon said...

I agree! If I can't wake up at my house or yours, this would be a pretty good alternative (especially if breakfast is included!)