where to from here?

I have been thinking about the last post. About having nothing to say - which was not quite true. A more complete truth would be that I had so much tossing around in my head that I was simply too tired and lazy to work it out, to make it at all comprehensible to myself let alone anyone else. Not worn out tired but deliciously limp, satisfied, and happy. It was a very good season of joy for us. Noisy, busy, quiet, full. Everything I needed. So thinking was a bit of a stretch.

One of the things I have been thinking about it is where to go from here. When I started the blog I had (of course) no idea what the future held. We never do but what was in store for us was not something I would have ever imagined. I had wanted to share all kinds of things on this blog and the last thing I intended was a cooking/food blog. I have always enjoyed showing and sharing love with food but I don't consider myself to be a foodie - I just like good, healthy food and get bored with the same old every day so I cook. I have a lot of fun with it and more fun when I share. After Merin died cooking was one of the things I found I had energy for. 

But I want to share other things as well. There are stories that I want to record. Not because I think they will change the world but because they matter to the people that matter to me. I think about the stories my grandfather told me when I was a child about when he was a boy, that if he hadn't told me I wouldn't know, and if I don't retell them perhaps they will be lost. I think about how those stories connect me to him and that I am so lucky to know them. That many people don't have stories that connect them to their forbearers. There are stories about things that connect us to our past. Again, if those stories are not told they will be lost. Will it change the world? No but it might make the world a little poorer for someone I love. 

In this new year I commit to writing the stories of some of the things that I have collected. Many of those things are not of great worth in and of themselves but their story is part of our story. I am fortunate to have some lovely things that came to me with history that is part of my story, others that have histories hidden in unknown pasts, and still others with stories that originate with me. I think what we collect matters and helps us to be known to others. When we are thoughtful and careful about what we choose to surround ourselves with we can arrive at a curated collection that is meaningful. One that tells a story - one that has a story - beyond style, taste, or trends.

While I had not intended writing a blog full of recipes that is where I have mostly gone. Fun for me to share those and I hope good for others. I don't plan to abandon that direction - just to go a bit further and do a bit more of what I wanted when I started. It is good to start, to have a direction. And sometimes it is lovely to follow serendipity into unanticipated paths. 

God is good. I am grateful for every wonderful blessing. For every chance and second chance. I pray for blessings along lovely paths for all of us and the ability to see those blessings and paths every day. Here's to a New Year!

One of the many beautiful and special gifts I was so indulged with on Christmas morning was a collection of photos that Eden took of David and I. In the note she tucked in with them she wrote that she tries to express her love with photography. My response? I feel loved when I see myself through her lens, her eyes. Eden makes everything beautiful. 

I love this photo from that shoot - an early morning, frosty, last minute idea that was perfect. Thanks Eden. You are more dear to me than you can know. I love you.


Shaz said...

I look forward to the stories, hoping that some of them I once knew and then forgot in the journey. I find that I had set things aside in my mind as the remembering was painful due to the void as those important to me are no longer here. I find lately it is nice to sit and reflect on those people that I love and miss, even if the memories are bittersweet. I love you and think often of all the wonderful memories we have together.

child of the universe said...

I love this post! And I love that I will be in your ward now. Every time I see you, your calm and happy countenance inspires and lifts me (especially when I've just learned I've been moved to another ward away from my sisters...). I love reading your stories and am grateful you are willing to share them.
Holly Christensen