Christmas 2010 Recap

Caramels: cut and wrapped. Pajamas for Deacon, Aubrie and Ysa: sewn. Spiced almonds: roasted and bagged. Sock monkey for Kayden: done. Princess dresses: just waiting to be twirled in. Menus made and groceries purchased. Gifts wrapped and ribbons tied. Everything done and everyone home that can be. Following tradition (mine) I am tired but not worn out - happy in fact with all the preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Several days after the fact, I am taking out the memories of this Christmas just past. It was a good Christmas. Full of love and warmth and togetherness. The little ones were sweet and good, their anticipation just right - not fever pitched but happy. We enjoyed the traditions that have been part of our Christmas celebrations since the beginning of our family and added a new one. The gifts that we shared were each just exactly right. Tears were shed but we shed them together and even that felt good.

But the best, the most critical, part of Christmas this year? The absolute knowledge that I love and am loved. That we were together.  That there is comfort in 'family' - and that family includes more than relatives. And that because Christ was born we will all live again - together forever. I am so grateful for that.


nancy said...

Oh Cheri, I have thought about you and your family so much ovver the Christmas celebrations, It makes me feel so relieved and thankful to hear your comments about family and being together xoxo nancy

Jan said...

thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts and feelings. I have always loved your talents and jest for living, you are a wonderful Cher!!.

much love from mom

Eden Lang said...

it really was a beautiful christmas! but if you were to ask the girls (aubs and Jane) what was the best part of christmas I am sure they would say with out a doubt it was those beautiful wedding/princess dresses you made!
love you.

tracy mcchesney said...

Can I please tell you something? Both you and your lovely daughter Eden, inspire me, and make me want to be a better human being.

I often wonder as I peek into your world, if you are aware of the impact of your words, images and the tremendous amount of soul that you share on these virtual pages. Thank you for that. I am often moved, and always grateful.

There are warm banana, chocolate, and pecan muffins sitting on the kitchen counter this afternoon. I will savour their goodness and anticipate more lovely recipes, beautifully documented in your blog.

Eden photographed sisters 'Jane and Molly' for us...your family oozes with talent, but more importantly, with a love so big and grand!


The McChesney Family

ec said...

those princess dresses are darling ... absolutely beautiful!

thanks for sharing your lovely life with us!