For some strange reason I keep thinking - off and on all day - about the study I posted about yesterday. I have my own 'research' and conclusion to add. My research is not scientifically undertaken but my conclusion - after years and years of research - is that this effect goes both ways. I am absolutely certain that when I hear the voice of any one of my children my cortisol levels drop immediately and my oxytocin levels jump. I wonder if anyone will study this?


Anonymous said...

There doesn't need to be research - it is a well-known fact in my life. Hearing my children's/ grandchildren's voices, seeing a picture of them immediately puts me into a 'happy, contented, loved' space - the colors of my day become much more vivid, much more alive. They are the priceless treasures given to me as babies that continue to give throughout my life. How could I ask for more.

Cheri said...

Nice to know that you "get it". Thanks :)