forward .... and back

Christmas is back in the boxes and put away for another year. Every new December 1 I pull it all out and fuss with stuff for a few days until I am happy with the way everything looks. And I am always pleased at the end of the fussing and primping - the house looks so cozy, welcoming. Then by Dec 31 when I pack it away I feel such relief to see the fresh face of my home once again. I like the embellishment of Christmas decorations  (like dressing up for an event) but I love the simplicity of my everyday. I just like clean and simple - jeans and a white t-shirt if you will.

So today I can peacefully contemplate the beautiful blankness of the new year ahead. Blank but not empty. There are so many options and directions. So many ideas to examine. Things to recommit myself to - some I want to do ever-so-much better and a few that I simply want to continue. 

On magazine covers and newspaper headlines I am urged to lose weight and get fit - so frequently that those seem to be the only resolutions of merit. Health and fitness are certainly concerns and goals but as I prioritize my options for this beautifully open new year my top goal is to become more compassionate. To develop true charity - the "love of Christ". It is all too easy to hope for understanding, tolerance, compassion for my own foibles and quirks but to judge others somewhat harshly when their struggles are ones that I don't experience or relate to. I don't like that tendency and since I can see it I can change it. A 'good goal' is quantifiable - I am working on the best way to articulate my intent - perhaps this is a goal that is never achieved but is a lifelong work. Whether I reach the destination or simply continue the journey it seems a worthwhile, conscious, pursuit.

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Jonathon said...

i know how you feel! I have set a similar goal of being more compassionate and finding more joy in small things. How do I measure this?I have come to the same conclusion you have - just dot it and know that it isn't quantifiable. I think it is no less a 'good goal' just takes more consciousness to report to yourself on how you are doing without empirical data.

p.s. I'm SO glad to see another post! I have been checking almost everyday for what feels like months! : )